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GPComplete is a comprehensive but a remarkably simple practice-management and patient-management system for use by doctors, nurses, receptionists and administrative staff. It is scalable across any practice, any size, and manages all aspects of your practice.

GPComplete has been created to eliminate the “how do you do this?” from navigating a system. It actually makes sense, is very visual, and allows you to customise hotkeys not just once but for any number of staff. You can have one set of hotkeys and your receptionist can have a completely different set. It is extremely fast, and its unique structure lets you query it quickly, change your mind mid-task, go through multiple pathways, use fewer movements to move and enjoy a minimal response-time from the software.

You can effortlessly prepare, plan, re-prioritise, change the order of appointments, and maintain complete control over your day.

GPComplete is also very informative. At a glance, you can see your real-time billings & receipts, and within seconds you can get reports on the performance of your practice. You can track actions within GPComplete to individual staff, maintaining 100% accountability. There is less blindness to what’s coming and what’s changing, there is more control, vision and ownership.

GPComplete lets you relate more effectively with the patient in front of you, or the patient about to walk in. You can access data about them, their medications and their history with few movements. You can conduct searches to identify potential relationships with other patients, or to identify a caller or walk-in quickly and smoothly.

 GPComplete is truly complete for every GP.

Main Features:



  Make Practice Management Easier and More Powerful

Appointment Scheduling &  Waiting Room 
Billing & Payments (Individual, Family, Medicare, Other Agencies) 
Internal Messaging and Mails 
Reporting & Financial Analysis (Real-time, Pre-defined and User-defined reports in a variety of formats) 
Staff Roster management 
Pre-Defined & User-Defined security access controls 
Patient and Family Registration


  Make Electronic Health Records Faster and More Intuitive

Encounter Notes, Measurements & Observations 
Medical, Family, Social and Occupational history 
Obstetric care plan 
Immunization & Care Plans 
Pathology requests and electronic results download 
Radiology requests 
Recalls & Reminders 
Document storage, Referrals and Letter Writing 
Prescription Writing (using the MIMS database) 


 Make Medicare Australia (HIC) Billing and claims Effortless

PCS Patient Claim Store & Forward
PCI Patient Claim Real Time
ACIR Australian Childhood Immunisation Register
DVA Department of Veterans’ Affairs
OPV Online Patient Verification
PVM Patient Verification Medicare
PVF Patient Verification Fund
IMC In-Patient Medical Claim
SDD Same Day Delete
HCI Health Care Individual (Certificate)
HCL Health Care Location (Certificate)


  Other Features

Pre-Defined & User customisable Hot Keys 
Customisable User & System Preferences  
Data transfer from existing software
Fast and comprehensive search 
Advanced Security and Auditing 


What makes GPComplete so different?

Get practice management, electronic health records and online billing and claims… in one package… on one database
Lowest total cost of ownership
Extremely Simple & User Friendly Interface
Fast & Reliable
Scalable across all users of the practice
100% Networked architecture - All users use the one database; seamlessly
No Advertising


System Requirements

Client Server (if using in a multi-user environment)

A desktop PC with a minimum Pentium 3, 512MB RAM and 1 GB free hard disk space.

For 2 - 5 simultaneous user practice

PC with a minimum Pentium 3, 1 GB RAM, 5 GB free hard disk space.

For 6 - 15 simultaneous user practice

Server - recommend minimum Pentium 4, 1 GB RAM, 10 GB free hard disk space.

Pricing & Demonstration

Please contact us for a Pricing & Demonstration CD's.

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