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Claims Complete is the first fully functional version 4, latest Medicare Australia (HIC) Online claims facility. It supports all forms of electronic claiming, against both government (Medicare) and private players (health insurers). It allows interaction with all possible users. the general practice, providers or support staff can lodge claims for patients, providers and practice managers.

The system is scalable and adaptable, so it will fit your practice regardless of how large or small it is. Claims Complete is never out of date, since it self-updates by being fed patches and updates provided by The Practice Management Software Company. It means management at your end is simple and stress free, and the success rate of claims remains consistently high.

Permanent connectivity to the internet is not a requirement for Claims Complete. It works in the disconnected mode as well as it would when connected to the internet. The system simply detects that the system is not connected and stores unsent claims for later transmission - so your data is never lost or corrupted.

All financial information about your patient, used for the purpose of lodgement of claims, is kept in an secure encrypted format. All transmissions across the internet use the PKI infrastructure provided by HeSA.

Main Features:

Claims Complete supports end-to-end claiming, including:

  • Patient Claims
  • Bulk Bill Claims
  • DVA Claims
  • ACIR Claims - including History, Current and Future
  • Online Patient Verification (as well as Multiple Patient Verification)
  • Eclipse (Private Insurers, MPPA, HPPA/PA, Gap Cover scheme, Billing Agents and In-Patient Claiming)


  Practice Management

As well as providing a highly sophisticated tool for online claiming, Claims Complete provides several add on features such as managing of:

Explanation Codes
Health Funds


  Service Types 

It provides access to the entire gamut of MBS services, validating each category with inbuilt rules and business logic to ensure data entry is not missed by an error of omission.

It supports:

Specialist Services including Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Oncology (both referral and non referral specific)
Pathology Services (both request and non request specific)
Claims Complete specific Services
Other Services
Private Services


  Medicare Claiming (HIC)

PCS Patient Claim Store & Forward
PCI Patient Claim Real Time
ACIR Australian Childhood Immunisation Register
DVA Department of Veterans' Affairs
OPV Online Patient Verification
PVM Patient Verification Medicare
PVF Patient Verification Fund
IMC In-Patient Medical Claim
SDD Same Day Delete
HCI Health Care Individual (Certificate)
HCL Health Care Location (Certificate)


  Other Features

Pre-Defined & User customisable Hot Keys 
Customisable User & System Preferences  
Fast and comprehensive search 


Competitive Advantage

Lowest total cost of ownership
Extremely Simple & User Friendly Interface
Fast & Reliable
Scalable across all users of the practice
100% Networked architecture - All users use the one database; seamlessly
No Advertising


System Requirements

Client Server (if using in a multi-user environment)

A desktop PC with a minimum Pentium 3, 512MB RAM and 1 GB free hard disk space.

For 2 - 5 simultaneous user practice

PC with a minimum Pentium 3, 1 GB RAM, 5 GB free hard disk space.

For 6 - 15 simultaneous user practice

Server - recommend minimum Pentium 4, 1 GB RAM, 10 GB free hard disk space.

Pricing & Demonstration

Please contact us for a Pricing & Demonstration CD's. 

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